If you want your child to come out of their youth sports experience a winner (feeling good about themselves and having a healthy attitude towards sports), then they need your help! You are a vital and important part of the coach-athlete-parent team. If you do your job correctly and play your position well, then your child will learn the sport faster, perform better, really have fun and have his/her self-esteem enhanced as a result. Their sport experience will serve as a positive model for them to follow as they approache other challenges and obstacles throughout life. If you "drop the ball" or run the wrong way with it, your child will stop learning, experience performance difficulties and blocks, and begin to really hate the sport. And that's the good news! Your son/daughter and their coach need you on the team. We need you on the team!
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The benefits of playing sports are immense. Team sports promote confidence, camaraderie, and a healthy and active lifestyle. Studies show that kids who play sports are less likely to become obese, abuse drugs or alcohol or to perform poorly in school. Learning to compete prepares a child for the demands of teenage and adult life and the ability to cope with both success and failure.