Mini Rugby Days Schedule for 2018:
Mini Rugby Days
During the course of the year, Saint's Ruggers will host rugby days to which all enrolled learners are invited. These "Fun Days" are held on Saturday mornings at least once a term in the region.
The intention of these days is mainly to provide our kids an opportunity to participate in mini games and to demonstrate their newly gained rugby skills to proud parents. These rugby days are extremely successful as opportunities for feedback to parents and the response from kids, schools and parents have been overwhelmingly positive.
Dates for 2018:
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Family Day for 2018:
A family day that will be at a beach or next to one of our beautiful rivers is planned for 2018. The family day was brought in to our curriculum to get the whole family involved in fun activities and to get to know the each other.
Date for 2018:
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Father and son Sleep-over:
We will have at one father and son sleep-over event in 2018. This will take place at a rugby field and is specifically included in our curriculum as a unique opportunity for bonding and team building activities.

Date for 2018 Father and son Sleep-over:
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