Sport plays a big part in our nation as a catalyst in bringing groups of people from different ethnic backgrounds together. It also plays a big role in the development of our kids on a physical and emotional level. Furthermore it teaches them valuable life skills that they will need in the future. I've been coaching kids on all levels for 18 years in different sports like Rugby, Cricket and Athletics.

Saints Sports Development concentrates on sports specific- , physical- and motor-skills development focusing on all aspects of that sport. What makes the program special is the context in which these skills are taught, being fun, a positive attitude and energetic activities that appeal to children.  Our sessions are both structured and fun, ensuring that the learners develop social and team skills in a stimulating environment.
We will first focus on Saint's Ruggers. The Rugby program caters for learners aged between 3 - 9 years at both pre-and primary school levels. The Rugby curriculum forms the basis for rugby techniques and skills development.

My objective is to develop rugby in all communities and cultures,  maintaining a gender fair approach. I strive to develop motor-skills and safety techniques, which form the foundation for all future rugby players. My Primary goal is the holistic development of the learner within the rugby milieu. I encourage the learner to develop a passion for the game and a healthy respect for the safety and human dignity of all participants. Doing all of this while having fun!!!