Something about my self.

I studied for a BA Degree at the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa, with Majors in History, Psychology, Sociology and Philosophy. I then completed a Diploma in Higher Education.

In 1980 I joined the Cape Education Department and for the next 25 years taught at a number of schools throughout South Africa, first teaching Language (Afrikaans) and then History. I soon became interested in different teaching methodologies, study
methods and creative thinking. I read widely on all of these fields, especially
literature on the Suggestopedia Method and the work of Maria Montessori.
I soon realised that teaching is about leading scholars to do self
discovery and that  each and every person does have an own
style of learning and that it is the teachers' task to help the
student to unlock his full potential by himself.

As a sports coach at Provincial level, in both tennis
and field hockey, motivation became another field
of special interest for me.

Resigning from formal education, I joined a
company specialising in personal development and study methods. After completion of their training course I spend some time as a facilitator presenting study and development courses to scholars.

What I thus present in this booklet is based on many years of practical teaching as well as an academic study of the work done by a number of researchers.
Tredoux Faasen

Whenever I think of something but can't think of what it was I was thinking of, I can't stop thinking until I think I'm thinking of it again. I think I think too much.
Criss Jami
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