Nutrition/Diet (continued)
Mens sana in corpore sano

A healthy mind in a healthy body. It is quite simple: exercise is good for the body and the brain and it helps us to cope better with stress..

Go nuts on nuts. Not only
are nuts good for lowering
cholesterol but it also
contains selenium, an
anti-oxidant that keeps the
body and mind healthy.

The zinc and iron in nuts also promote better brain action.

Seafood, especially tuna and prawns, also contains selenium and the omega-3 in fatty fish is a known fighter of depression as well as hyperactivity.


Water, especially

Replace snacks like sweets, chips, etc. with the
healthier options of fruit.
Introduction to Mnemonics


Water is one of the most important foods for our brains.
The neurons in the brain transmit its messages by means of
electrical impulses, and water is an excellent conductor. By giving
your brain water it not only supplies it with a good conductor, it also cools the brain down and prevents cognitive decline. Water furthermore enhances circulation and helps in the removing of waste in the body. When doing physical exercise it is most important to take enough water to remain well hydrated. Students must be encouraged to drink enough water during studying or writing exam, even to point of having a bottle of water with them in the exam room.