It is becoming more and more evident that the modern diet is BAD for our bodies, both physically and mentally. We take in far too much refined food, too much sugar, too much fat, too much of everything that is bad for us. We rush our meals. Take away food is too high on the list. And then we supplement with artificial vitamins. Need I go on? I think not.

The aim of this article is not to be a full nutritional book, I am just going to give you some ideas as to what should be included in a healthy diet.


There is no need to expand any further, the message is quite clear:


Moderation is most properly one of the most important points in a healthy diet.

We can take coffee as an example. Coffee per se is not unhealthy, two cups per day may even be good for you, but too much coffee becomes a risk. The same goes for the type of coffee you drink. Pure ground coffee made with an espresso machine or a plunger is much healthier than the instant junk out of a tin or a bottle.

Normal tea falls in the same category as it also has caffeine in it, and that is your stimulant. Students must especially stay way from coffee and tea during examinations.

A glass or two of wine per day may be good for you, but a bottle or two  definitely not.

  Energy Drinks

In the same breath I want to warn against all those 'energy' drinks. Some
of them do 'give you wings', but those wings tend to fall off in mid flight,
and the human body is not built to glide well. Do yourself a favour and
have a good look at the contents of those drinks. If you need quick
energy, the good old jelly babies work as well, and if you participate in
sport, especially marathon events, then a mix of half water and half
Cola drink makes an excellent energy drink.

Students, stay away from energy drinks during study time. Your brain
will thank you. Remember, water is your brain's best friend.

  Herbal Teas

The vast array of herbal teas is a much
better choice to have as a regular drink.
Camomile, Lavender or Mint are all good
as anti-stress drinks.
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