The Loci System

This system was extensively used by the Romans, and you might find that this is also known as the
Roman System. The word 'loci' means location or place and the system uses places that you know
well to link to items you want to remember. Places you can use are, for instance, the interior of your
house, or the landmarks on a route you travel daily.

To use the system you first memorise a series of specific points or objects in a logical order. It is
easier if you use a location that you are very familiar with, say your bedroom. You now always use this
when you want to use this system. If you are familiar with the Alphabet Pegging System, you will find
this easy as they work on the same principles.

As with all our images, you must be able to visualise them clearly and you must, every time, use the
same items and in the same order.

The best is to see yourself standing in the door to your room, and then working in a clock wise
direction, follow the items next to, or on the walls, till you get to the door again, then you make
another circle with items further from the wall. Your first item may be the light switch right next to the door, then a bookcase, a permanent poster on your wall, etc.

There are a few rules you have to adhere to with this system. The most important is that the items you use must be permanent items. A window is a permanent item, but the curtains need to be in one position. That means you either see the curtains as open or closed. If you see the curtains as open you may use the window frame as well because you can see it, but if you imagine the curtains as closed, then you do not use the window frame.

Your study table/desk is a permanent item, so is your PC on it, but not your laptop. Because you can use your laptop in other places as well it can confuse, or interfere with, your brain. The same goes for the dirty laundry lying on the floor! Or the coffee cup on the table. They are not permanent fixtures. Well, hopefully not!

After you have chosen and made a list of items you want to use, you memorise them. Those items are your pegs and you hang or associate the pieces of knowledge you want to memorise with your pegs. When you want to recall, you just think through your location and recall the associations you had made.

There are some other locations you can also use.

If you are very familiar with the route to your school, university or work you can use the objects on that route as pegs. You can then start at your front door as starting point, then, say the tree in your front garden or your post box as second peg. Now you follow your whole route, and use all permanent objects. Remember, the cars parked in the road are not fixtures, they tend to move!

You can use your school, college or university campus, even the library, as long as you use permanent objects. The books lying on the table in the library are not.
Those of you who are computer game fanatics can even use the interface of your games as a location.

If, and this is a big IF, you have a very good imagination you may even create your own world, say a castle with lots of chambers and halls with lots of paintings, statues, etc.
Which ever journey you use, make sure it is so well imprinted on your mind that you can see your pegs with the minimum of effort.

If you need more pegs than one room will allow you to have you can use another room or even more. Just remember to keep the rooms as total different locations.

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