The Symbol System

Science predicts that many different kinds of universe will be spontaneously created out of nothing. It is a matter of chance which we are in.
Stephen Hawking
Window frame, Cross
Road, Canal
Arrow right
Arrow left
Double Decker Bus
Students of Mathematics and Science would ask how do we memorise the Maths/Science symbols?
We use the same theory as in all other systems, namely, you link the symbol to an image.
Below I am giving a few symbols, with images I would use. I included only the main symbols, add more
and create your own images as you come across more symbols.

    Symbol    Image

We now have the theory of the Alphabet System and Symbol System, now we can move on to some
practical examples.

The use of Alphabet System and Symbol System

To be able to use these systems effectively, you need to understand how to make notes and summaries. If you have not studied the section on Making Notes and Summaries, please do so now.

On the next page is the summary we have already made on a part of the article on the French Revolution. I had left the Pegs column open, and I will now show you how we use that. I believe it should actually be quite clear to you what we are going to do. Yes, we use the images in our Mnemonic Systems in the Pegs column. From our summary we use one Link Word to link to the Peg.

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