Look at this picture:
No 2

You now have a sweet, cold, juicy orange in your hands.
Feel, see the taste of that orange in your mind. It is sweet and cool.

Once you can really imagine the taste, you will cut into that orange below.
When you can really feel the thirst, go on to the next picture below
No 3

Here you have the orange, and you are ready to bite into the sweet, cold juice.
Taste that sweetness in your mind.

No 4

What do you taste?
Before we go any further, I want to walk you through a visualisation exercise. Follow the instructions and let your imagination flow freely.

No 1

I want you to imagine yourself in the middle of this situation.
Can you feel the heat? You are hot and thirsty.
Feel that thirst in your throat.
You long for something cool.

When you can really feel the thirst, go on