Let us now determine your Learning Style.

          Complete the following table.

Mark each of the other columns according to your preferences:

your most probable preference
your next preference
your least probable preference


-    3
-    2
-    1

Visual             Auditive          Kinaesthetic

try to 'see' the word.

say the word aloud and try to hear the spelling.

write the word to determine if it 'looks' correct.

I am:

Table for Learning Style

       The second problem also comes from talking to your friends just before you enter the exam
       room. Suppose they ask you a question and you do not know the answer or they may mention
       something you did not study well. Now you get tense, your brain goes in a spin and he cannot
       recall and you end up having a 'blank'! So, refrain from talking about the exam. Be unsocial!

You must have a good learning place or environment and that means at a desk in a quiet room. When you have a set study place it means that you will have a mind set that forces your brain to be in a learning mode when you are at your desk. It is your special place where you learn.

       Maybe you have your computer on your learning desk, and that is fine if you also use it to play
       games on, but the desk remains your work and learning spot.

       You can not study while laying on your bed. That is where you sleep, NOT where you work.

       You can also NOT study in front of the TV. You may think that you can, your brain does not! Your
       brain is actually quite lazy, and he will concentrate on taking in the 'easy' information and that is
       what comes from the TV. You may thus think that you are learning, but you are not.

       Your parents say you can not listen to music when you study. You say you can. I say you MAY
       listen to music, but, there are non-negotiable conditions attached. The music must be in the
       background and it MUST be orchestral music, no vocals at all.

       Whether you like it or not, the only music to listen to while studying is classical music, especially
       Baroque and Mozart.

Now, a big warning. Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT, listen to music over HEADPHONES or EARPHONES,
especially not those small ones.

       The intensity/decibel reading of the sound is too high and your brain will concentrate on that sound
       and not take anything else in.
       You will just not learn anything! You want to relax your brain and create brain rhythms that will
       cause you to learn better, and rock music does not do that, but Mozart does.