Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius -- and a lot of courage -- to move in the opposite direction.
Albert Einstein
Stress has definitely become one of the worst products of our modern life of too much refined food, not enough exercise, the search for instant gratification, chasing the money game, etc.

I want to make it quite clear that you need some tension or adrenaline to perform mentally and physically at your best, otherwise your body will not react when you are in danger, like being attacked by an animal.

No sports person will break any records without the adrenaline pumping, but too much pressure and stress will have the opposite effect.

No student can perform well in exams without some tension, but too much stress on the other hand trips our brains into a heap of jelly.

The question now is: How do we handle stress?

Most people will run to the doctor or pop a pill, but is that the answer?

I believe, NO!

Please, don't think that I want to shoot the above down totally, medication has its place, but I do believe we can do much more than that to lessen the stresses  we find in life. I also do not deny the fact that panic attacks, bi-polarism, depression, ADD/ADHD, etc. are all real, but I do believe the way we handle and treat it should be looked at. At the same time I do not believe in the saying "Get a grip on yourself" as the ultimate solution to stress and the problems it causes.

What I do believe is that with PRACTISING a BALANCED, BUSY and FULFILLING life with enough EXCERCISE and the proper DIET any person will be well on his way to handling stress.
Driving and Traffic Congestion 
                                                    What can be more frustrating than sitting in traffic when you are in
                                                       a hurry, whether on your way to a meeting, an airport, or to work,
                                                         etc.? The frustration just grows and grows and when you finally
                                                           arrive at your destination your nerves are in shreds and your
                                                             brain at a standstill.

                                                                 Imagine you are now at a job interview, or an important
                                                                   meeting for your business, or just at your work. How
                                                                     well are you going to perform? Not at your best! You
                                                                       may miss the best opportunity of your life.

                                                                          The very simple solution is to relax while in your
                                                                            car by practising your Anchor.

                                                                               The same goes for long distance drivers. When the boredom of the long road takes its toll, or the kids in the back of the car drives you nuts, escape from it through your Anchor. Relax and get your brain refreshed.

What happens when your car gets bumped by some other driver? We all know it, you fly into a rage! This is a situation that easily can get out of hand and lead to road rage. It is now the time to be relaxed and calm. Use your Anchor, stay calm and resolve the situation without conflict. Even if the other driver is in a rage, if one of you can stay calm it will be easier to resolve the issue.