It has been said over and over by many people, and I am sure you have heard it
countless of times, and you may even be quite bored by hearing it again, but
Goal Setting remains an important part of life's success.

What I want to promote here is not merely planning and
Goal Setting, because I believe that on its own Goal Setting
has no value in itself. It is no good having goals but having
no way of walking the road to get to those goals. That is where your Imaginative Video plays a vital role. As we have seen, making and playing this video in your mind will effectively show you the path to fulfilling your goals. The most important aspect of this is that it puts a positive picture in your mind and a positive outlook makes your brain work better and your chance of success that much better.

                                                                            "I believe in setting goals and that I am going to
                                                                            achieve all I set out to do!" I trust those are your

                                                                            You now believe in it and now is the time to take
                                                                            the learning process a step further. As with
                                                                            everything in life, Goal Setting has some basic
                                                                            rules that we have to adhere to. Luckily there are
                                                                            not many, but it is important to have a structure to
                                                                            your goals as you need to create a clear and time
                                                                            bound route to your final destination.

                                                                            Sticking to the rules will stop you from making the
                                                                            crucial mistake most people make, namely to not
                                                                            have a clear final goal set in a time frame.

As an example, it is no good saying you want to be rich. What does rich mean? How soon would you like to be rich? You need to make this goal much more specific. You need to decide how you are going to accumulate your riches. Are you going to be a banker, a property developer, an investor, a business owner, etc.?  Also set it in a specific time frame by deciding how soon you want to achieve it, say 10 years. Now you will have a final goal set for you. What you then have to do is to find the steps, the in between goals, towards that goal, and put it in a time frame.

In point form, here is what your Goal Setting needs to look like. Goals need to be:

        A clear picture  -  learn to Visualise your goal.

        You need to have it written down and have it visible to keep you motivated.

       There must be smaller, in between goals that you achieve as steps to your final goal.
       This will give you a feeling of success.

       It has to be time bound, otherwise you may easily have a 'tomorrow is another day' attitude
       and then never get to it.

       Measure your performance all the way to the top through the smaller steps.

       Remain positive, even when you encounter setbacks.