To have a positive outlook on life and a positive image of ourselves does
not just happen by chance, it is something we must work at and needs
to be cultivated and then nurtured as a life long quest to become an
unmissable part of our lives.

When we succeed in building a positive image in our minds of what we are,
then the stress of everyday life becomes a little lap dog  -  easy to handle.
Positive Every Day 
Follow a positive brain programming by thinking only in positive terms. When you think positively your brain works better as there will be better chemical connections. Remove the words
out of your vocabulary and replace it with

I CAN.....



Body Language 
Change your body language and facial expression to be more positive.
Success does not come naturally and every person will experience setbacks and will make mistakes. When you fall down it is important how you stand up again. Use your mistakes and failures as building blocks to success. Learn from it and make it positive. If you do nothing, you will not make mistakes, but you then will learn nothing and you will just follow a path to nowhere.

       Praise yourself  -  You are precious, there is only one of you.

       Accept compliments with a smile.

Road to success 
Learn to make an Imaginative Video of your road to success. (Jack Nicklaus, maybe the best golfer ever, is a prime example of playing a video-to-success in his mind before playing a shot.)

You start with the end result and then work back to where your action will begin. The  aim is to see the successful ending to your actions and through that to motivate you and to see the path you need to follow. By thinking in terms of success you become more positive and the more positive you are, the better your brain will work.

This technique can by applied to all aspects of our lives, from sport to academics, to human relations, to professional life. This goes hand in hand with Goal Setting, but at the same time it is so much more. We need to set goals, but we then need to SEE the PATH and make it PART of our lives.

Your goal may be to achieve 80% in an exam, or to be CEO of a company, or to own a Ferrari, but now you need to SEE yourself in that position and to SEE/IMAGINE the PATH to your success.

The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing that you will make one.
    - Ellen Hubbard