When life throws you a curve ball and the tension builds up in your stomach like a balloon ready to burst, you need some sort of escape route out of it.  We  have all been in one of the following, and in many other similar, situations: Writing an exam paper, Sitting in traffic, Having a job interview, In a work related argument. In each of these situations stress can lead to your brain not working to full capacity and you not performing as you would have liked to. As we have seen, stress is the enemy of our brains, and we need to lessen it as much as possible.

Happiness, good memories, a smile on the face, a happy hart -  that is the way to get rid of stress. That is what The Anchor is all about. We create for ourselves an anchor and in a situation where you need to be calm and collected, you hold on to this anchor. It will only take a few minutes out of your life to create this anchor, but you will have a life long instrument to help you on this rocky road called life.

Get yourself into a very relaxed mode. Listen to some relaxing music. Even if you hate it, listen to

classical music,

especially Baroque or Mozart. This is not the time for Alice Cooper, Led Zeppelin etc.

Fully relaxed, think back over your life and find a moment or event,

ONE moment

or event, in which you were the

happiest you ever

were. Find a moment that you can recall with photographic clarity. Experience that moment again.

Really and truly relive it again

Experience that moment in your body, feel it as intense as you can. Where do you physically  feel it? Localise that feeling in one spot in your body. Now you can anchor that feeling in your body.
The Anchor Point 
Make a fist over your thumb and think of the happy spot in your body. Take a deep breath and anchor that special spot with your fist so you can feel it every time you ball your fist and think on it.

Have you captured it in your brain? Can you recall it freely? Can you feel yourself being in control of the situation? Good. Now, relax and become aware of what is around you.

And you have your Anchor to use as a way of relaxing. Whenever you are in a tense moment, all it takes, is for you to quietly ball your fist and find that spot of happiness in your body and to relive the moment. 

I believe you will be surprised at how well this works and how much more effective your brain is going to be once you have mastered the technique.

Life for you will be much less stressful!

Imagination is more important than knowledge.
Albert Einstein

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