Remain in control
You are the captain of your ship, and you determine the direction your life is following.
Be the controller and not the controlled.

Follow the positive example of a role model, but choose a person that was in control and
had made a positive contribution to society.

        The following people all had role models they looked up to

        Julius Ceaser

        Isaac Newton

        Stephan Hawking

Alexander the Great


Isaac Newton

Changes in the habits in your life

Accept the responsibility for your own life regarding the handling of stress created by relationships; in your work; in your academic life; etc.

Do something new, or just do the old things in a new way.

       Greet other people first  -  ANY person, even strangers.

       Give people a friendly smile  -  There is an Indian saying: Give a smile and it flies straight back
       to your heart.

       If you are used to sitting in the same spot in church, or in class, or in your  favourite coffee shop,
       make a change and go and sit in another spot. You will be  amazed at how strange it feels and
       how you must force yourself to accept the change.

       Openly show appreciation towards other people.

       Write with your other hand. Even better, write with both hands at the same time! A good way to do
       this, is to use non-permanent markers and to write on a mirror or a white board.

       Be crazy and enter or exit a room backwards!.

       Wear your watch on your other arm. Looking at the time becomes an subconscious act, but now
       you have to engage your brain and force him to think.

       Go for a stroll.

       Observe nature closely.
Changes in your life can be quite difficult to handle and can be stressful, but it need not be. Think of events like the change from one career/job to another,  moving to a new town or even country, change of school, etc.

To be able to handle change, there are a few things we can learn and make part of our lives. If you can teach yourself to accept small changes, then the big changes will come easily and with little stress.

How to handle Changes in your life.
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