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In a later chapter I discuss the art of Visualisation.

For now, some examples of how your imagination can influence your outlook on life.

Think of a situation where you want time to pass quickly  -  a soldier on guard duty, you waiting for somebody,  you waiting at an airport. Time is dragging and you are getting bored and frustrated. How can you make time fly? We do it through reverse psychology. Make your brain believe something that is not true.

I practised this when on guard duty in the army. Most people will constantly look at their watches to see how long a time is still left. What we want to do, is to reverse that situation. DO NOT look at your watch. Then, after a fair period of time, you tell yourself that ONLY TEN MINUTES have passed. You now look at your watch, and an hour has gone past! What a relieve, time IS flying!

You can do the same while driving. Let's say you are a long distance driver or you just happen to be on a long and boring road. Most countries have distance markers. Normally one will look at every marker you pass, and the kilometres, or miles, just drag on and on. We again reverse the situation. DO NOT look at those markers, DO NOT count them in your mind. Let quite a number go pass. You now tell yourself, oh, I've done, 50 kilometres. Now you look at the next one, and discover 150 kilometres are behind you. What a relieve, the kilometres are flying!

The story goes that a man was lost in a desert after his vehicle had burned out.  He was now in a rather negative state of mind. Wandering aimlessly his negative thoughts grew with his thirst. Then he saw an oasis in the distance. Stumbling closer to it he saw some trees and at a distance already recognised them as some sort of citrus. And he could do with the juice of a nice ripe orange.

But, his mind started playing games with him and he became convinced that, having lost his vehicle, he was the unluckiest person in the world. So, nearing the oasis he convinced himself that it must be lemon trees. When he got to the trees they were in fact orange trees, but in his mind he was so sure they were lemons he did not even pick one.
Learn to SMILE
Learn to SMILE in your brain. Use happy memories to brighten up a dark period in your life.
Choices: "I choose to......."
Before you make a choice, do the following:

      ...  Write down three advantages if you should do what you decide to do.

      ...  Write down three things that you will loose or will have to give up if you don't do whatever you

      ...  Now write down what your first step will be  -  be positive, very specific and time bound.
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