Brain Gym

Developing your Whole Brain, Brain Gym will help your brain function better as it coaxes the two sides of your brain to work in synchronisation. It can speed up your brain, improve eyesight and creativity, and help you make better decisions in your everyday life.

Brain Gym developed out of the work with children with dyslexia and learning disabilities, with Dr Paul Dennison finding that simple body movements could help improve brain function. Further studies showed that Brain Gym is not beneficial to only children with special needs, but every person can benefit from them and get more out of their brains.

Place your hands on your abdomen. Exhale through your mouth in short puffs until your lungs feel empty.
Now inhale slowly as deeply as you can through your nose.
Then exhale fully again through your mouth.
Repeat this cycle five times.

     This supplies oxygen to your whole body, relaxes the central nervous system, and aids
     reading and speaking abilities.
Rest one hand over your navel.
With the thumb and fingers of the other hand, feel for the two hollow areas under the collarbone. Rub these areas for about a minute, while you move your eyes from left to right.

     This stimulates the carotid arteries which supply freshly
     oxygenated blood to the brain, feeding it with brain food.
Stand at arm's length away from a wall and place your hands shoulder width apart against it.

Extend your left leg straight behind you, so the ball of your foot is on the floor and your heel is off the floor. Your body is slanted at a 45? angle.

Exhale, leaning forward against the wall, while also bending your right knee ans pressing your heel against the floor. Inhale and raise yourself back up, while relaxing and raising the left heel.

Repeat five times. Then alternate to the other leg and repeat.

     Improves concentration.