Brain Games

Develop adaptability and originality

Change in one's life is sometime difficult to deal with, but it is something we have to deal with and we can prepare our brains to deal with change. Do the following in your every day life and you will be more creative and adaptable.

  ...  See things from a different point of view.

  ...  When you are in a confrontation or argument with somebody, put  yourself in his/her position and deal with the problem in a different way.

  ...  Turn things around

  Muhammed Ali, maybe the best heavy weight boxer ever, took the theory about heavy weight boxing and turned it on its head.

  It was said that heavy men could not dance in the ring
  Everybody said a boxer must keep his hands high
  It was believed heavy weight boxers could not hit
  fast, only hard

With this way of thinking he took heavy weight boxing to a new level.

  The well known business man Richard Branson built all his ventures by turning the accepted business theories around and made a success out of it.

The run away success of Harry Potter nearly never happened. It is well known that J.K. Rowling struggled to get a publisher that were willing to publish the series. Ultimately she did find one that was willing to be adaptable and adventurous  and, well, the rest is history as the millions rolled in.
---  He did
---  He lowered his hands

---  He increased his hand speed

The Use-of-a-...........-game
Choose an object, any object, say a paper clip.

You now make a list of things, say 10, 15 or as many as you want, that you can do with or use a paper clip for.

The more absurd things you can come up with with, the better.

Stick papers together
Scratch ear
Make bangle
Meat hook
Electrical conductor
Safety pin
Poke someone
Play with spider
Reminder around finger
Open holes
Pick a lock