Brain Games

Be creative in your everyday life 

Have you ever given a thought to the fact that any of the following can become a 'creative' activity?

  ...  cooking
  ...  laying a table
  ...  planning of a meeting
  ...  wrapping presents
  ...  gardening
  ...  washing the dishes
  ...  sport
  ...  homework

Make creativity part of you daily, positive life

Consciously use the non-dominant side of your brain.

  ...  Write with your other hand
  ...  Use your other hand to comb your hair, stir or cut food
  ...  Use your other ear to listen to your phone
  ...  Wear your watch on you other arm
  ...  Kick a ball, play any racket or bat sport with your other hand

                                                             These things may sound trivial, but it forces your brain to
                                                                      think about something it would normally do without
                                                                              thinking about it.
Play a development game

Start with a single idea or object and write it down. From that idea you draw one short line. On that line you now put down one more idea connected to the original one. From this line you now draw five branches and on each of those you write down one more idea per line. Then you do the same again, and again.........up to where ever you can go.

  Let's use the word 'fun'