Brain Games

Stress is the greatest enemy of our brains

Relax Your Brain 

Think back to a moment of great inspiration in your life, the solving of a problem, that inspirational daydream you had. Now, where were you? What did you do at that moment?  Were you ... 

   ...    in the bath
   ...    during a stroll
   ...    just before falling asleep
   ...    during a dream
   ...    just after you had woken up
   ...    during a long drive
   ...    while lying on the beach
   ...    during a swim
   ...    while 'doodling'
   ...    on a training run

With each of the above you were CALM and RELAXED?

The Romans had already developed the idea of "salvitas perambulum",translated as 'solve it while taking a stroll'

Solving problems, memorising information, recalling information are all done more effectively when our brains are relaxed.

Play an Einstein Creative Game

Think of some weird questions to answer, and let your mind go absolutely weird and creative.

  ...  Can I ride on a rain bow and what will it be like?
  ...  What will it feel like to ride a ray of sunshine to the end of the universe?
  ...  If I can move at the speed of light, will I become invisible?
  ...  Design, and think up, a strange new sport  -  something like underwater golf.